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House of the Month! October 26 2014

Nestled away in down town Melbourne is this stunning double fronted Victorian residence that has been brought back to life by the amazing team at O’Connor and Houle Architecture. The old structure has undergone a number of alterations and additions resulting in a clean, minimalist finish while still maintaining the warmth of the old home.

The renovated home showcases classic form and elegance. The perfectly selected fixtures and furnishings display excellent craftsmanship and add complexity to the space. The contemporary artworks draw you into the space promoting peace and happiness, while also catering for the kids bringing a sense of fun and warmth to the space.

The space is simply easy and just works!

Hope you enjoyed the photos.



Are you often caught wishing that you had more space in your home? Believe it or not, you can achieve this quite easily by with having to break the bank. Today, we are going to take you through our top 5 tips to help you maximise the space that you already have and ultimately provide you with a lighter, brighter, more comfortable living space for you and your family to enjoy. You might even add some value to your place while you’re at it!

    1. Mirror, Mirror…

      This has to be the most simple and easiest way to create the illusion of space. A well-proportioned mirror can make even the smallest room appear much bigger. They also enable natural light to reflect around the room, adding a perception of depth to the space.

        2. Let there be light

          Dark rooms make a space feel small and tight. On the contrary, light filled spaces feel big and open. Choose light and bright colours on your walls and ceilings to allow your furnishings to pop against the light and clean background. A light filled room is generally brighter and more inviting.

          Natural light is very important when overcoming any light issues in your home and helps to make the space feel bigger. Try to avoid thick curtains with dark, heavy fabrics. Instead, try bright coloured curtains or plantation shutters. This will both lighten the space and allow more natural light to penetrate internally.

          3. Spring clean

            Perhaps the most obvious way to create the illusion of space in your home is to have a good old fashion spring clean. Clear away any old bits and pieces that you no longer want on display (hint: be ruthless), to reveal clean, open surfaces without the clutter. Clean lines and un-cluttered spaces provide an instant feeling of freshness and openness.


              4. Bigger isn’t always better

                Getting the size of your lounge or sofa right can make or break your lounge space. Although comfort is a key consideration when purchasing a lounge, an oversized lounge with thick arms and a deep back could take up valuable floor space and encroach on the usability of the room. To help your lounge feel larger and increase the functionality of the space, look for a lounge with thinner arms and a low back. By selecting a lounge with thin legs, rather than a solid base, you can reveal more floor area, creating the illusion of openness, and ultimately creating a larger feel to the room.

                   5. But bigger can be better…sometimes

                    Having the right size artwork and wall coverings can dramatically improve the perception of space in your home. Most people think small walls need small artwork. This is not true, big and bold artwork filling large proportions of your walls creates the feeling of space by making you look up when you enter a room. It also creates the feeling of grandeur.

                    There you go, 5 simple tips to create the illusion of space in your home. If you’ve got any other suggestions, let us know.




                    The Cronulla Residence August 18 2014

                    Amber Road is the Interior Architecture & Landscape Design firm behind this exquisite Japanese inspired New South Wales waterfront property. The Cronulla Residence boasts relaxing clean lines, pale timbers of birch and American Oak and strong elements of marble. This home has all the wonderful features and materials of a designers dream project! Enjoy the images.....

                    Booie and Ben's New Cushion Collection July 20 2014

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                    This gorgeous collection of superbly crafted cushions are manufactured from a natural blend of linen and cotton and have been lovingly hand screen-printed (meaning everyone is slightly unique...... just for you).



                    Only environmentally friendly, water-based and non-toxic ink are used. They contain no CFCs or harsh solvents and even contain a 100% recycled insert, so you can feel good on the inside too.

                    The collection is also complimented by a range of stunning printed pillow cases and tea towels.



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                    Booie's Dream House July 13 2014

                    Today’s house of the week (quite possible my ultimate dream house) belong’s to Sophie Gunnersen (creative director of Stamp Interiors). This beautiful South Melbourne terrace is elegantly filled with gorgeous one off pieces, reflecting Sophie’s worldly experience.

                    The light and bright walls are the perfect back drop for pops of vivid colour, seen through stunning artworks, furnishings and collectables. The finishings in this home are super modern, yet the character of the original home still manages to shine through.

                    The home has an organic feel and is full of homely vibes. Nothing is forced in this home, it just simply works.



                    p.s. start filling your home with things you love –

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                    Booie and Ben's House of the Month June 29 2014

                    We are constantly inspired by beautiful and sustainable design, both abroad and in our own backyard. This gorgeous, coastal inspired home is a stunning example of this. We love how the architect (Madison Architects) has maintained the character of the old, while introducing functionality and form with the new.

                    Intelligent use of glazing, in a variety of forms, not only creates open light filled spaces, but also magnifies the harmonious interaction between the inside and the out. Soft succulent plantings provide a perfect backdrop of texture and colour.

                    The external and internal palette for this home is flawless. As I always say, charcoal, timber, warm white and natural greens never ever fail!

                    Hope these photos inspire you all!



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                    Nina's Appartment on Offspring (Booie and Ben's Dream Warehouse Pad) May 21 2014

                    Has anyone else been watching the latest season of Offspring? It is such an amazing Australian show and I think I could be their biggest fan!

                    If I’m not laughing, crying or staring at Patrick (sorry Benny), I’m generally daydreaming about Nina’s amazing apartment.

                    I absolutely love the quintessential Melbourne warehouse style. From the street you are welcomed with the most intriguing, rustic green door with stunning silver leaved olive trees perched either side…….a bit like sentries guarding a secret garden. The apartment features stunning white windows, perfectly selected industrial lighting and the most charming kitchen.

                    The artwork in the bedroom (by Aussie artist Rosetta Santucci) is one of my absolute favourite pieces in the whole apartment….well that and the bedspread. Love, love, love.

                    Hope you enjoy these photos! I’m off to catch episode 2.



                    Booie and Ben - Let us introduce our designers May 04 2014

                    Ben and I think we are pretty lucky to have such an amazing pool of design talent supporting us. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce some of our favourites.

                    May and Belle

                    May and Belle is an Australian based wall print business which designs chic and stylish typography prints and wall art.

                    May and Belle’s unique graphic design skill and passion for interior design are showcased through a wide range of stunning original prints. The prints are designed to be inspirational, sentimental and unique and are a perfect way to add personal and on-trend pieces to any home.

                    Keep your eyes peeled for these stylish pieces ( You may have even spotted them in some of our favourite design magazines including Home Beautiful and Home Ideas.




                    Kirsty Davidson

                    Kirsty is a super talented Australian artist with a passion for creating nature inspired artwork. Her pieces embrace movement, life and colour and are a unique reflection of her worldly experiences.

                    One of my favourite pieces, the “Limited Edition - Macaw Giclee” print ( was recently featured in House and Garden Magazine.



                    Marz Designs

                    Marz Designs is a young Sydney based design company, established by Coco Reynolds in 2010. Inspired to push the boundaries of many mediums and functions Marz has a quirky and unique style.

                    We are lucky to be able to showcase some of Marz’s timeless and innovative designs (, with functionality and quality being their primary focus.

                    Marz’s style is well known to the design industry. You will often find these exceptional pieces featured in everything from Belle Magazine to The Design Files.